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  1. Great list, there’s so many great spots in NYC. I use trapeze to find places to go, it includes the local spots including where celebrities in NYC.

    • Priscilla:

      Glad you’ve found it informative. Hope you do find time to visit these places. They won’t disappoint. Thanks for the kind words.

      _ Andrew

  2. This blog is just too good, thanks a lot for sharing all this information. I will definitely visit these places & if I like their restaurant & bar menu covers then I will try their dishes.

  3. I too love these destinations, they all are enriched with the basic needs of a traveller like places to visit and dishes to eat. The best thing about Ny always new places to explore! This is also making me very hungry!Thanks for sharing this post.

    • Thank you for reading. Hopefully, spring will be here soon for you, let us know if you have any other questions, we’re so happy to help.

  4. I enjoyed your very lengthy guide on NYC Restaurants. However, as a Native New Yorker I was a little upset that you did not include restaurants from the outer boroughs. You did mention Peter Luger’s and the diverse community of Queens. The outer boroughs deserve some love too no?. LOL!!!

    • Alexander:

      Yes, I am such a Manhattanite that I tend to forget it’s sister boroughs. I promise to give it some love on the ongoing updates. But, don’t hold your breath. Haha. Thanks for giving it a read and hope to hear from you again.


  5. Brenda and Andrew,

    What a great idea – quite literally alphabet soup! I love the idea of being served dumplings out of a hole in the wall. I’m even more intrigued by the price. Wow! What a bargain!

    Great post you guys.


    • Paula, you definitely need to spend a good long time in NYC. July is hot but a good time because it’s not as crowded. I’m excited to see what you do and how you enjoy our city while we are gone!

    • Marissa: Leave Peasant for the end. Otherwise, it may be downhill from there. Glad it will be helpful. Let me know if you have other questions. Best, Andrew

  6. I have great memories of many of these places. One of my favourites was my very petite friend downing practically a half a cow at Peter Luger’s when she was pregnant. Something about craving protein when pregnant. Everyone was duly impressed.

  7. That mural is awesome! Oh just as I was really getting into it, you stopped at L! More, please!

    • Vicky: It will always be home for sure. We will miss it, but it will always be here and hopefully when we return we can bring something back to it. Best, Andrew

    • Eva: It’s true. No matter how much one place has to offer, when you’re a wanderer, there’s always something more to see. Thanks for reading and hope you will enjoy the second part. Best, Andrew

  8. Hi Andrew,

    Awesome! I grew up in NJ so I’ve only visited the City like 500 times LOL. Love C-Town. My wife and I visited last December. Ate at a little hole in the wall joint. Fab food as always there. My dad ate at Peter Lugers many moons ago and raved about it. One of the best steaks in the City for sure.

    Thanks for the share!


    • Ryan: Glad you and your wife got a little Chinatown in you last December. Maybe next time, you’ll get to Luger and trade notes with your dad. Best, Andrew

    • Thanks so much for helping it get out there. Glad you enjoyed the list, and hope the second part also helps when you get to the City this Summer. Best, Andrew

  9. I know you have a fabulous adventure ahead of you, but this list is so awesome, I wish I could have you with us when we finally get to visit NYC. Yes, I know. Hard to believe – we live just a five-hour-drive away, we’ve drove to DC, Florida, and other places, and been to several places in Europe, but have not been to NYC with the kids yet. Sigh… Maybe when you come back for a bit. I’d love to have you as a guide.

    • Jolanta: Got to get yourself over to the city. Hope you enjoy the second part of the list as well. I know I can’t be around to be your guide, but maybe hope this all helps. Best, Andrew

  10. OOh! I love local food guides. I’ve pinned it for future reference! We stayed for two weeks in Harlem one Christmas and had a memorable meal at Sylvia’s.

    • Fairlie: Glad you were able to experience Sylvia’s as well. Thanks for appreciating the food guide. Hope you like the second part. Best, Andrew

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